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Product Description

120 pages of biology revision covering the three NCEA Level 3 Biology Externally Assessed Standards: AS 91603 (Biology 3.3 -Responses of Plants and Animals to their External Environment), AS 91605 (Biology 3.5 - Evolutionary Processes Leading to Speciation and AS 91606 (Biology 3.6 - Trends in Human Evolution) - this is the ULTIMATE biology revision workbook for Level 3 Biology students.

The key features of the NCEA Level 3 Biology Revision sciPAD are:

  • Every topic a student is expected to know is summarised, helpful hints are included and key concepts are reinforced.
  • NCEA-style questions are provided with walk-throughs, hints and tips designed to help students write extended answers.
  • Four years of previous NCEA exam questions are provided.
  • Numerous NCEA-style questions are provided, with hints ensuring your students learn how to answer to an examination standard.
  • Worked examples guide and encourage students.
  • Student's can gauge and check their likely success using the answers provided in the back of the book.