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Product Description

The Year 10 (Book 2) sciPAD provides a complete and in-depth coverage of level 5 of the New Zealand Science Curriculum. Each topic includes a range of investigations, stimulus material, literacy tasks and activities to engage and challenge students.

Key features of the Year 10 sciPAD are:

  • Learning outcomes and key word lists linked to the syllabus to give you confidence that you have the correct content and materials.
  • Engaging content geared to the appropriate reading level with tasks designed to explore abilities at a range of levels.
  • Comprehensive notes and activities designed to develop understanding in a supportive manner.
  • Stand alone exercises that can be set as homework to reinforce and consolidate class work.
  • Numerous literacy and numeracy tasks spread across all topics.
  • Literacy tasks are topical and fun, and help ensure learners start using appropriate scientific language.
  • Each unit ends with two pages of review activities to consolidate key terms and concepts. These pages are followed by two pages of review questions to prepare students for a summative assessment.
  • Downloadable digital versions and interactive answers are provided to use on smart boards or through data projectors.
  • At 248 pages you won't find a more comprehensive, exciting, or engaging science workbook for your students.